On Home and Away this week, Dean is shocked but happy to see his mum Karen back in town.

Dean is surprised when he finds Karen hanging out with Ben in the caravan park but his worry goes away when she tells him that she has been discharged from hospital and is still taking her medication. The best news for Dean is that she plans on staying in town for a while.

Despite his happiness at her return, he realises how much he needs to tell her as she doesn't know about his relationship with Ziggy, and certainly doesn't know about his half-sister Mackenzie.

How will Karen react to Dean being back in contact with his estranged dad Rick? Will it all be too much to handle?

Meanwhile, Alex believes hypnotherapy could be beneficial to Robbo as there's a chance Robbo's memories of what happened on the boat were never processed at the time due to his head injury and it could help to unlock them to him.

Robbo is initially sceptical, but can Jasmine convince him to give it a try and could it be the key to finding Dylan?

Also this week, Maggie and Ziggy realise they are out of their depth in their attempts to help Ben, Irene is horrified to see that her past is now a feature of an online news article, and Raffy pushes Ryder away.