On Neighbours this week, Mark gets some worrying news about his mother.

Mark, Chloe and Aaron are left seriously worried about their mum Fay when their brother Tyler calls them to say she has gone missing. Mark is about to get the police on the case, but then his mum turns up on his doorstep.

David checks on Fay's health and tells her family that her Huntington's disease has gotten a lot worse and she will soon need round-the-clock care.

Mark has a tough call to make as he starts to consider going to Adelaide to look after her full-time.

Meanwhile, Paul and Terese are shocked to find a hidden camera in one of Lassiters' hotel rooms and she starts to wonder if it's a new camera or an old one leftoever from when Ryan was trying to get some dirt on her to blackmail her.

Kyle and Amy also have cause for concern as they recently stayed in that hotel room – could they have been caught on camera? When Kyle finds out he threatens to go to the police, horrified by the invasion of privacy.

Also this week, Shaun announces his plans to stay in town to support Elly, Mackenzie has mixed feelings about the news that Shane has tracked her father down and Hendrix kisses Harlow.