On Home and Away this week, Robbo hatches a plan to get the gang off his back.

In a bid to get the gang off his back, Robbo decides to fake a death; Dylan Carter's. Using a fake death certificate and coroner's report, Robbo meets with Des to show him the proof that Dylan did actually die years ago. Will Des believe him?

Later, the drama doesn't end when someone with the Ouroboros symbol carved on his chest arrives in the hospital having been dumped on the side of the road.

Robbo secretly searches his body and finds a voice recording on his mobile phone that might help him in actually finding Dylan...

Elsewhere, Colby continues to worry about Bella and how she's dealing with everything that has happened. She still has no plans to go back to school and has even given up photography after what went down with Tommy.

Colby enlists Ryder to help get through to Bella, but when he goes to talk to her, she ends up confiding him.

Meanwhile, Irene fears the worst when she finds out that Tommy plans to sue her if she's found guilty of attacking him.

Also this week, Ben runs into Dean's mum Karen and she manages to put a smile on his face.