Sonia is shocked to see Martin back and confronts him for not being there for Bex sooner, still oblivious to the situation with the Mitchells. Kush thinks that Martin should leave again, but Martin is influenced by Sonia and returns to the Square. After a heart-to-heart with Bex, he decides to stay.

Meanwhile, Max wants to give Rainie the benefit of the doubt despite Kathy's claims. Kathy tries to prove her story by quizzing Callum for information, but Stuart warns her to back off. Later, Kathy tries to give Rainie a chance, wanting to believe that she has changed. What will happen when Kathy pays a visit and finds a way to test her?

Later in the week, a furious Stuart confronts Kathy over what she did to Rainie.

Also, Jack questions Gray after he was involved in a fight at a nightclub, while Iqra tells Arshad about Adam cheating on Honey with Habiba.