When Ian and Jay make remarks on Ben's history with men, he starts to wonder whether his date with Callum is such a good idea after all.

His doubts are fuelled when Stuart begs him not to hurt Callum. Later, Callum is gutted when Jay and Lola arrive during the date. With Ben also making no effort at all, Callum decides it's time to leave.

Elsewhere, Jean suggests that Daniel should make a bucket list, while Tubbs tells Ben they have a new 'customer' on the Square for their dodgy money-lending scheme.

Meanwhile,  Dot returns to Walford with her granddaughter Dotty. Tiffany is wary when she learns that Dotty will be sticking around in Walford.

Later in the week, after Bex is taken away in an ambulance, Stuart finds the note that she left, but Sonia is adamant that what happened to her daughter was an accident. However, as the reality of the situation sinks in, Sonia starts to blame herself. She makes contact with Martin but grows frustrated when he fails to answer her calls.

Also, Linda makes some progress with the school mums at last.