Summer is thrilled that Paul stayed over, but Billy explains that he just needed somewhere to crash. Soon afterwards, Paul calls at Number 5. Showing Kel the photo, he explains how Billy reckons he's a victim of sexual grooming. Having assured Paul that was never the case and they loved each other, Kel urges him to tell Billy that nothing happened between them.

Billy is concerned to find Paul drowning his sorrows in The Rovers. Paul makes it clear he doesn't want to discuss it. A drunk Paul confronts Kel in the ginnel and tries to kiss him. Kel pushes him away and Paul realises with horror that Kel was only attracted to him as a young boy. Seeing red, Paul punches Kel, knocking him unconscious.

Elsewhere,  Jade tells Evelyn all about her terrible marriage. She explains how if it weren't for Fiz, she would never have survived and how she was searching for a photo she could get framed to say thanks. Fiz returns home and is taken aback to find Jade pouring her heart out to Evelyn about her abusive ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Paula calls at Number 13 and presents Sophie with a leather satchel and a new laptop for her first day at college. But when her phone pings with a photo from Kate on a sunny beach, she gazes at it wistfully, unaware Paula's watching.

Later in the week, Fiz comes up with some ideas to bolster trade at the furniture shop. However, when Gary discovers she's been using his private ledger to make notes he's furious. Offended Fiz tells him to stick his job and walks out. Jade persuades Gary to reinstate Fiz at the shop, in turn securing her own job.