Sharon is horrified to discover that Mel knows the truth about her affair with Keanu. Things only get worse when she learns that Mel has the DNA test results.Sharon begs Mel to keep her secret, but Mel wants something in return – Louise to move back in with Lisa.

Elsewhere, a nurse at A&E spots Chantelle's bruises after she cuts her hand and needs treatment, Ted and Wanda's date ends in disaster, while Rainie attacks Sonia when she refuses to give her drugs.

Meanwhile, Stuart resorts to drastic measures to deal with Rainie's withdrawal symptoms. When Callum gets involved, he is shocked to learn that Stuart is a recovering addict.

Later in the week, as Whitney collects the rest of her belongings, she has a heart-to-heart with Callum and drops a bombshell. Callum struggles to deal with her revelation and gets drunk at the pub.

Also, Callum blames Ben for what happened, while Rainie tries to convince Stuart that her problems are over.