This week on Emmerdale, Graham demands answers from a worried Andrea after she reveals Millie's date of birth.

Andrea is horrified when Graham asks if he is Millie’s father. He later leaves her an angry message demanding that she not ignore him.

Graham confronts Andrea and wants answers, but Andrea doesn’t want to face the truth, fearing that her family is built on a lie.

Andrea begs Graham to keep their one-night stand from Jamie, arguing that Graham is not Mille’s father. Her anxiety only leaves Graham surer that he is.

Moira and Nate are almost caught out by Matty

Meanwhile, Moira and Nate are determined to make the most of their remaining time without Cain in the caravan, but they are shaken when Matty almost walks in on them.

Later, Harriet offers Moira her support in the lead up to the anniversary of Holly’s death. However Moira is shocked to hear of Harriet’s relationship with Will and even more shocked when Cain reveals that he already knew their history.

A furious Moira later makes a huge announcement in front of the congregation, leaving Harriet reeling.

Mandy feigns a pregnancy so that she can attend an antenatal class with Paddy

Elsewhere, Faith rejects Bear’s advances, Billy encourages Ellis to tell Belle how he really feels, and Mandy decides to feign a pregnancy so that she can attend an antenatal class with Paddy that Chas doesn’t want to attend.