On Neighbours this week, Mark and Roxy's relationship goes public, but the drama doesn't end there.

In a bid to cheer up Sheila, Roxy plans a party for her at No. 22, but it gets out of hand when Hendrix posts about the party on social media and turns up with a big group of friends.

Roxy gets increasingly tipsy as the party goes on and she's hopeful that Mark will show up, but when he arrives at the door it's for official business as the party has gotten so out of hand. When Roxy plants a big kiss on Mark in front of everyone, letting their secret romance out of the hat, Mark is embarrassed by the public scene.

Mark leaves Roxy crushed when he ends things with her the following day as he struggles to deal with the attention the kiss has brought on him, but when he gets his head around what has happened, will he go crawling back to fix things with her?

Meanwhile, Sheila's son Gary is also keen to cheer her up but takes a different approach – playing cupid.

Elsewhere, Bea is annoyed with Finn for bringing Shaun back to town while Elly is away. Shaun sets about trying to fix things with Finn, David and Aaron.

Also this week, Shane tells Mackenzie a big secret.