On Home and Away this week, Robbo is ambushed and finds himself in deep trouble.

After following the instructions left for him, Robbo goes to Black Smith's Wharf determined to find out who has been stalking him and if they are connected those responsible for the death of his family.

When he arrives however, he is ambushed and taken to see a man named Victor who says Robbo's survival depends on the information he can give him about the whereabouts of Dylan Carter, a dodgy detective we were led to believe was dead after his blood was found on an abandoned boat.

Victor is adamant that Dylan didn't die at sea and that Robbo is the key to finding out the truth... But can Robbo find him on time?

Elsewhere, Justin's desperation to find a way to help Raffy grows now that her trial has been shut down, and he tells Leah his plans to illegally produce the CBD oil himself for her, but will Leah help?

Also this week, Ben reaches breaking point, and Dean and Colby clash over Mackenzie.