On Home and Away this week, it looks like there's more danger in store for Robbo.

With Bella moving back in with Colby, it's time for Robbo and Jasmine to find a new place to live, so in order to find somewhere secure to live while they're still under police protection, they set up in a local motel for the time being.

The stress of hiding out and looking over her shoulder is really getting to Jasmine and she starts to blame Robbo for bringing the danger on them, but can she put her resentment aside?

Later, the threat against them grows when Robbo finds an envelope in his car with "tick tock, times almost up" written on it. When the motel phone rings he is given instructions to go to a location alone, leaving Jasmine with his federal agent friend Lance for protection. But will Robbo make it back?

Meanwhile, Irene's video post has left everyone impressed by her bravery in speaking about her sexual assault, but with the possibility of prison time still hanging over her, she decides she needs to bring as much normality back into her life and returns to work in the Diner.

The aftermath of Tommy's attack is still affecting Bella too, with Colby and Dean doing their best to get her the help she needs.

Also this week, the CBD trial Raffy is taking part in is being shut down due to a lack of funding, and Maggie tries her to best to help Ben.