Carol is under pressure as organising for the festival heats up. Pete and Bob bicker and Cass is disappointed with his role as litter picker. McCoys and The Station compete for the festival drinks licence. McCoys wins the drinks licence. Cass is thrilled when he's given more jobs to do. Bob and Renee begin to bicker with Pete and Dolores at a festival meeting.

Elsewhere, Damien's stressed out preparing for Caoimhe and Saoirse’s visit. Phoebe gives Will some useful information about Damien. Damien’s delighted to see Caoimhe and Saoirse. Will offers Caoimhe a place to stay. Damien is suspicious of Will’s motives when Caoimhe tells him of their arrangement. Will gives Mairead and Damien good news about the separation proceedings. Will lures Caoimhe into telling him more about Damien.

Meanwhile, Hughie snaps at Fiona after she goads him about Jackie's leaving. Seán advises Hughie to apologise to Fiona. Paul is annoyed that McCoys have the drinks licence so, ramps up the conflict with Hughie.

Later in the week, a very confused Rose slips out of the house. Eoghan is shocked when he sees how serious Rose's condition is. Eoghan realises he must take responsibility for Rose’s care.