On Home and Away this week, Robbo is determined to find out who is stalking him and Jasmine.

After finding an envelope containing photos and a cryptic message, Robbo confides in Colby that he's being stalked and is determined to find out who is lurking around and if there is some connection to those who killed his family.

Despite his best efforts to keep the news of the stalker from Jasmine, she finds out what is going on and is worried by the anger Robbo is showing at the situation.

In a bid to find out who is watching them, Robbo decides to open some old case files, but will this be too much for him to handle?

Meanwhile, Irene finds little comfort in finding out that Tommy will be going to jail and Bella begins to worry that Irene blames her for everything that has happened. Bella isn't the only one to notice Irene's change in behaviour, with Marilyn also noticing something isn't right, but when she confronts Irene about it, she is shocked by her reaction.

Alone, Irene takes out a bottle of vodka, but will she break her sobriety?

Also this week, Ben's lease is terminated and Mackenzie tries to make things right with Dean.