On Home and Away this week, the guilt becomes too much for Irene and she decides it's time to confess.

Irene reaches breaking point this week over the incident with Tommy and grows even more shaken when a news report states that the police are close to making an arrest. When she tells Bella that she needs to tell the truth about what happened, Bella pleads with her to keep quiet.

In a bid to protect Irene from going to prison for protecting her, Bella makes a confession to Colby, which leaves him reeling.

Colby and Bella get to the station just in time to stop Irene from confessing to another officer, and Colby takes over as the one to log her statement. When she tells him exactly what happened, he is shocked, but will Irene face prison time?

Later, Tommy wakes up in hospital with a visitor... Colby.

Elsewhere, Robbo and Jasmine get permission to leave their apartment, but when they step outside they are being photographed, but by who?

Also this week, Ben overhears Alf and John talking about the scandal he's brought on the surf club, and Dean is surprised to find out that Rick and Mackenzie have formed a truce.