The wedding day is finally here, but Whitney is having doubts again now that she knows Callum had a fling with Ben.

Ahead of the ceremony, Callum begs Whitney to marry him. Sonia has arranged for Bianca to make a surprise return for the wedding, but she is nowhere to be found. Once she knows this, Whitney insists that she won't get married without Bianca there and attempts to find her.

Elsewhere, Mel is panicking over Hunter's disappearance, but she has more concerns when Phil turns up and demands to know where Louise is.

Lisa tries to skirt around his questions, but he realises that Louise is nearby. Mel soon realises that Hunter is after Jack. Hunter awaits the confrontation, but comes face-to-face with Denise when she arrives home. When Hunter hears that Jack is at The Vic, he slyly creeps into the barrel store, armed with the gun.

Everyone in The Vic – including Whitney, Callum and Ben – gets caught up in the crossfire of Hunter's wicked ways which causes chaos!

Later in the week, someone's life hangs in the balance at the Queen Vic and at least one person won't make it through the day alive.....