As Fiz and Tyrone have an argument, Hope ducks out discreetly. A stunned Fiz calls the police while Tyrone gathers up a search party. Inside the factory, Hope hides behind some cardboard boxes. As Ali and Maria get ready for a charity ball, they get wind of Hope's cries for help coming from the factory and are shocked to see her surrounded by boxes that are on fire. Ali bravely pushes his way in through the smoke in the hopes of saving her.

Elsewhere, As Ali emerges from the smoke-filled loading bay carrying Hope, Fiz and Tyrone are left shaking but relieved.  Promising Maria he'll go for a drink with her in The Rovers, Ali heads home. Later, the police interview Hope over the fire. When she makes out she saw two people running away, Tyrone realises she's fibbing. As Evelyn, Fiz and Tyrone discuss the Hope situation, it becomes clear their troubles are just beginning.

Meanwhile, when Daniel and Sinead row about plans for their big day, with Sinead wanting a more subtle affair, he accuses her of putting her beard oil business before the wedding. A furious Daniel suggests that they call the whole thing off and Sinead agrees!!

Later in the week,  Ray calls Michelle to a business meeting, suggesting he franchises out his hotel restaurants to the Bistro and she oversees it. Michelle is overjoyed.

Also, Yasmeen has a clear out at Number 6 and asks Alya to pick up the last of her stuff as Geoff will be using her room.