On EastEnders this week, Mel tries to fob off Ben when he asks for information about Lisa.

She returns to Hunter and offers her help, which includes researching antibiotics. With Sharon concerned about the baby, Mel offers to go with her to the hospital. However, it seems Mel has an ulterior motive as she also uses this as an opportunity to help Hunter.

Elsewhere, Ben is thrilled when Mick asks him if he wants to go to Callum's stag night, Max struggles to keep up with Ruby's partying and nods off while watching Abi, Mo messes up by trying to flirt with Daniel, and Stuart continues to have concerns about Rainie's use of painkillers.

Meanwhile, Stuart is upset when he discovers Ben has been asked to Callum's stag party. Callum realises something has gone array when Stuart starts acting off and Ben is nowhere to be seen.

Later in the week, the stags and hens come together, but everyone is unaware of the drama unfolding elsewhere as they begin to party the night away.

Also, Mel confirms Sharon's suspicions as she makes her final plans to to leave. She starts to realise how much she's leaving behind......