On Home and Away this week, Colby is kept busy as everyone seems to be involved in some kind of trouble with the law.

After Ben's shock arrest over suspicion of smuggling drugs, Colby is set on figuring out what is going on and getting to the bottom of the misunderstanding.

When he checks some of the facts however, Colby begins to have his doubts when he hears about a smuggling plot with drugs hidden inside surf boards. Things start to look bad for Ben, and unless he can prove his innocence, he could be facing prison time.

Colby also has Rick in the station demanding that Mackenzie be arrested as he claims she has stolen money from his bank account. Colby was already involved enough in the drama between his best friend Dean and Rick, but now his new love-interest is also being dragged into his professional life. Will he bring her in for questioning?

And finally, as the police investigate the mystery man – stalker Tommy – who was left at the hospital with a serious head injury, Irene worries that she and Bella will be found out.

As Irene's guilt builds, she decides she must find out if he is alive or dead, so goes to the hospital... Will this tie Tommy to her and Bella?

Also this week, Robbo grows frustrated with hiding out and wants to go home to Summer Bay and flush out the criminals, but could this be putting Jasmine and Tori in too much danger?