On Coronation Street this week, Yasmeen confronts Geoff.

Yasmeen is shocked and stunned this week when she finds out that Geoff has installed cameras in her home, and tells him that she doesn't want them there, but he doesn't take it well and accuses her of not taking his feelings into account and that things are over between them.

When he later takes the cameras away, he tells Yasmeen she isn't good for him, and he takes off to Tim's house where he tells Tim that Yasmeen has been undermining him and acting like a nightmare. Things take a creepier turn then when he's alone and opens his laptop to continue watching Yasmeen through a hidden camera he left behind...

Elsewhere, Steve tells Emma that he has taken a DNA test and he is her biological father. As word spreads around the street, everyone has different reactions to the news, but the big question is how Tracy will react.

Emma gets in touch with her mum to ask her about Steve's admission, but what will she have to say on the matter?

Also this week, Craig is hit by a car leaving Bethany feeling guilty about her past hurting him once more, and Ed tells Michael about his financial woes.