On Neighbours this week, Terese is warned by a former Mrs Robinson against marrying Paul.

When Paul's ex-wife Gail arrives in Erinsborough to get to know her long-lost granddaughter Harlow, she is greeted with a catfight between Harlow and Roxy, and she begins to wonder if it's a good living environment for her.

When Gail suggests that Harlow should live with her in Tasmania, things soon get heated between her, Paul and Terese over what is in Harlow's best interests.

Gail attacks Paul's parenting skills and warns Terese against marrying him to become another Mrs Robinson, but is Gail actually out for Terese's best interests or does she secretly still have feelings for him herself?

Meanwhile, it starts to really sink in for Chloe just what Elly's pregnancy means for her when she goes to an ultrasound appointment with her and she begins to feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Chloe starts reading up about pregnancy and how best to support Elly, but will she be scared away, or can their new relationship withstand?

Also this week, Yashvi and Shane are at odds, Leo is robbed by a mystery woman and Sheila tries to make things right with Gary.