On Neighbours this week, Jess Glynne stops by for a performance at the Live at Lassiters festival.

As the Live at Lassiters Musical Festival gets going, Jess Glynne is the guest of honour and takes to the stage to perform an acoustic set. After the show, she is cornered by Paul who tries to convince her to buy one of his properties...

The festival also creates some disappointment for Amy when she realises she's going to miss Hanson perform so she can go to a wedding meeting with Gary. When Gary finds out that Kyle has organised a private performance from Hanson for Amy, he senses the love between the two of them and decides it's time that he stops standing in their way.

Meanwhile, Finn finds himself in deep trouble when he confesses to the police about his run-in with Alfie. When Alfie's statement is made, he accuses Finn of having beaten him up, and Finn is placed under house arrest.

This spot of trouble for Finn could have huge ramifications if it's deemed that he has broken the terms of his probation.

Also this week, Roxy gets a surprise visitor, things heat up for Chloe and Elly, and Sheila confronts Clive.