Callum leaves work unannounced to attend Chris's memorial. However, the occasion proves to be overwhelming and he leaves early. Whitney has noticed Callum's strange behaviour and asks him whether he's having an affair. Callum explains that his friend died, and after support from Whitney, he heads back to the memorial.

Elsewhere, Mick struggles to breathe. When Stuart tries to win Mick back as a friend, the Queen Vic landlord refuses to engage with him. Later, Mick's issues come to a head as he collapses again.

Meanwhile, Bobby wakes up in the restaurant after avoiding going home all night. When Bobby sees Max and Ruby together, he leaves Max unsettled by questioning whether he loved Lucy.

Later in the week, Max reluctantly speaks to Bobby about what happened between him and Lucy. Callum sees that Bobby is upset and tries to offer some advice.

Also Sheree annoys Denise by suggesting they should enter a hairdressing competition, but Gray gives Chantelle his blessing to enter, while Daniel breaks down at the hospital and Jean takes him for a coffee.