The aftermath of Phil's attack continues, as some of Albert Square's residents continue with a cover-up and others start to point the finger. One person is arrested, while another goes to dangerous lengths to cover their tracks.

Jay is shocked when he sees Ben at his worst, while Kat puts her plan into action. Meanwhile, with evidence continuing to mount up, the police close in on a suspect.

Elsewhere, Mick feels under pressure to resolve financial problems at The Vic. Mick also has to help Tina in her hour of need, causing him to race over to the Prince Albert. Later, Mick continues to struggle with the stress he's under.

Later in the week, Mick arouses Bex's concerns when he struggles during a run. Her worries increase when it's clear that Mick is in pain at the café. Mick referees a kids' football match and one of the children gets injured, causing the opposition to erupt at Mick. With his stress coming to a head, Mick collapses.

Also, Chantelle helps Whitney to promote her clothing business, but worries about how Gray will react to seeing her images on social media, while Rainie crosses the line.