Eileen quizzes Jan. He insists he was working in Birmingham, but something is niggling her and she heads to the salon. Eileen is shocked to find Jan, Nikolai and Rachel hastily putting all the fixtures and fittings into a van.

Elsewhere, Seb asks Faye to go to the salon and give a note to Alina. When another girl does her nails, Faye asks her to pass Alina the note. Seb is delighted when he gets a text from Alina asking him to meet her at the salon after work, but as he arrives, he is confronted by Nikolai.

Meanwhile,  Gary confronts Ryan over his apparent windfall. When Gary threatens to call the police, Ryan admits he took the money from the desk drawer but swears he had no idea it was Gary's. Gary tells him he can pay it back plus interest.

Later in the week, Sarah tells the workers that the insurance company will only pay out £20,000, which will not be enough to rebuild the factory. Gary has an idea and introduces a business associate, Derek Milligan, to Nick as a new investor for the factory.

Also, Gary explains to Nick that Derek would buy the land, rebuild the factory and rent it out to Underworld on the proviso that he is put in charge of the building work.