On Neighbours this week, the true identity of Paul's attacker is revealed.

With Gary still the prime suspect in the case of Paul's attack, he has been banned from attending the opening of The 82, but when he arrives drunk, he doesn't do himself any favours in the court of public opinion.

Sheila is worried about how bad things are looking for him, and having hidden the weapon in her recycling bin, her sketchy behaviour is starting to raise a few eyebrows too...

When Mark arrives at the celebrations to make an arrest, Roxy takes off to make a mysterious phonecall, arranging to meet the perpetrator... None other than her runaway ex-boyfriend Vance. Will she let someone innocent take the fall and continue to protect him?

Meanwhile, things heat up between Toadie and Dee when the pair share a kiss.

Toadie's head is all over the place in the wake of the kiss, and isn't sure, especially so soon after Sonya's death, if they can pick up where they left off all those years ago.

They have a big heart to heart, but will it be the rekindling of something special, or a tough goodbye?

Also this week, more of Finn's clothes are stolen from the Kennedy house, Kyle makes a shock move and Elly's teaching career could be on the line.