On Home and Away this week, Dean and Mackenzie's dad arrives in the Bay.

Mackenzie's blackmail plot against her and Dean's father Rick comes to a head this week when the man himself arrives in Summer Bay to confront them after she leaves a voicemail on his phone demanding $100,000 in return for her silence on some of his dirty secrets.

With the blackmail demand having caused tension between Dean and Mackenzie, because he had wanted no involvement in her plan, Rick seizes his opportunity to divide and conquer, and he sets out to make amends with Dean, offering to help Dean's mum Karen out financially. Will Dean hear him out, and can Rick be trusted to make good on his offer?

Elsewhere, Robbo is angry when he finds out that Tori has been keeping more secrets from his surrounding her pregnancy. When Tori tries to make things better between them, she suggests they give their baby Robbo's surname, but is shocked when he says that is not an option, and worries that it means he's going to walk away from them both.

Later however, Robbo explains to Tori that he doesn't want to put her or the baby in danger by giving them his surname as the people who killed his wife and children are still out there.

Tori has another surprise in store as she offers Robbo and Jasmine the cottage on the Morgan property to live in when the baby arrives so they can be nearby, but will Jasmine be up for the move?

Also this week, Alf tries his best to play peacemaker between Roo and Ryder, things take a creepy turn for Bella and her online friend, and Leah struggles to handle Ava's bratty ways.