This week on Fair City, Carol gives Charlotte useful personal information about Ritichie.

Decco suspects Charlotte is not telling him the truth about her deal with Ritchie.

Charlotte attempts to beat Ritchie at his own game but her plan backfires.

Decco suspects Charlotte is not telling him the truth

Decco reveals harrowing insider information about Ritchie's work methods.

Elsewhere, Philip is guilt-ridden when he learns Darragh and Erica have split up.

Philip tells Darragh to give Erica another chance. Darragh and Erica open up to each other and agree to give things another go. Erica clears the air with Philip.

Darragh opens up tp Erica and they reconcile

Hayley has doubts about Erica but the rest of the family support Darragh’s decision.

Meanwhile, Cristiano is worried Will is excluding him from his life. Cristiano plans something to cheer Will up but Will reacts badly.

Will makes an effort for Cristiano but suggests that Cristiano is paranoid about their relationship.

After they miss their first repayment to the loan shark, Darragh wants to tell Sharon the truth, but Lee insists they keep quiet.

Lee lies to Carol and tricks her into providing stake money

The loan sharks’s heavy handedness sees Darragh and Lee’s debt drastically increased. 

In an effort to get his hands on some money, Lee lies to Carol about an investment opportunity. Lee places a bet on Anto’s hot tip with Carol’s money and is distraught when the horse comes in last.

Lee lies to Darragh about backing the horse but Darragh releases he lost the bet with Carol’s cash.