Keanu discovers that Phil is still involved with dodgy business contacts. When Phil refuses to put a stop to this, Keanu tries to take matters into his own hands, but this backfires when Phil threatens him publicly at the Queen Vic.

Max tells Ruby that Stacey isn't happy about them dating. Ruby tries to resolve the situation by arranging a double date for her, Max, Stacey and Martin, but things get tense at the restaurant. Martin ends up storming off as he can't bear to be around Max. Once back home, Martin questions Stacey on whether she still has feelings for Max.

Elsewhere, Bernadette doesn't seem happy over Karen's date with Caren and urges her mum to think about what she's doing. Karen is surprised when Caren suggests going back to the Taylors', since everyone is out.

Later in the week,  Adam is forced to cancel plans for a date with Habiba when Honey gets dressed up and insists they should spend some time together.

Also, Rainie is annoyed with Stuart for taking her to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, while Patrick returns to the Square with an unexpected guest called Sheree.