On Home and Away this week, Jasmine's introduction to Robbo's parents starts friendly but ends in major drama.

When Robbo and Jasmine arrive at his parents' farm, it seems like they all hit it off straight away, but it's not long before the drama begins to unfold during a walking tour of their property.

When Robbo's parents find out that Tori tricked him into having a baby together, and that Jasmine supports it and considers Tori a friend, Robbo's mum snaps and says she does not approve of their union at all. Robbo's dad later calls their plans to marry into question.

Robbo issues his parents with an ultimatum – either they accept Jasmine or they may never see him again. Can they come around to the idea of their wedding?

Elsewhere, John's journeys back and forth from the Bay to the city are beginning to take a toll on him and he finds himself in danger behind the wheel of his car when the exhaustion overcomes him and he falls asleep.

John is left stranded in the middle of nowhere, and with a fresh head injury.

Also this week, Mackenzie and Dean bond over their shared hatred of their dad Rick, and she wants Dean to help her with a plan of revenge; to ruin his political campaign.

Dean isn't best pleased when he finds out that Colby has been telling Mackenzie his personal business. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Colby and Mackenzie and they share a kiss.