This week on Fair City, Decco and Charlotte advise Julia to get out while she can, but Julia won't listen.

Carol is daunted when Ritchie reminds her of what happened to Tracey the last time she tried to help out a friend.

Ritchie catches Carol helping Julia escape, but shocks Julia by refusing to take her back.

Richie shocks Julia by refusing to take her back

Charlotte takes matters into her own hands and reports Ritchie to the Gardaí.

She later is terrified when she receives a gift-wrapped warning from Ritchie. Carol warns Decco that Charlotte is in grave danger.

Charlotte fears Decco will never forgive her for putting the family in danger. Charlotte tells Carol she has a plan to ensure her family’s safety.

She offers to work for Ritchie on condition he has no further contact with her family.

Charlotte offers to work for Ritchie

Elsewhere, Erica tells the Collins family it was her fault her wedding was cancelled. Sharon urges Darragh to give Erica a chance. 

Darragh proposes to Erica and she accepts, but Erica is consumed by guilt towards her ex Philip.

Philip gives Erica a token of his forgiveness and Haley sees there is still an intimate connection between them.

Darragh proposes to Erica

Erica tries to reassure Hayley she only has feelings for Darragh. Erica and Philip later have a heated chat, and an eavesdropping Hayley is concerned.

Philip and Erica grow closer reminiscing about the old days but Erica runs out when Philip tries to take things further.

Philip tries to kiss Erica but she runs out

There’s trouble ahead when Darragh notices Erica acting awkwardly around Philip. Will this spell the end of Darragh and Erica?