On Coronation Street this week, Gary helps himself to one of Rick's jackets and starts to cover it with anti-vandal paint, but Sharon finds him in the act.

Meanwhile, Gemma begins work at the shop and puts on a red wig to disguise herself from Chesney, but her plan doesn't work and Chesney is fuming and concerned  she's put her kdis at risk. Gemma won't listen.

Elsewhere, Evelyn starts her smear campaign about Larry the electrician and Roy is disgusted. Mary assists Roy in the cafe but they are interrupted by an furious Larry, convinced Roy is the one behind the gossip. Larry throws himself at Roy.

Later in the week, Tracy complains to Steve that she's sick of driving a cab and can't wait for him to get his licence back. Steve and Tim swap guilty looks. After another successful unicorn party, Steve and Tim are intrigued to see Robert in a pub garden with Vicky.

Also, Chesney is horrified to find Bernie stark naked in the kitchen and when she suggests they spend the day in bed, Chesney makes a quick escape. He confides in Paul, who confronts Bernie and instructs her to keep her hands off Chesney.