On Neighbours this week, a DNA test confirms that Dee and Andrea are twin sisters.

As Andrea and Heather are now in prison, it's a bittersweet moment for all involved when a DNA test proves and Dee and Andrea are identical twin sisters and that Heather is their mum.

It's not plain sailing from there though, with Heather having no recollection of giving birth to twins. When Toadie looks into it further, he realises there is no record of Heather having given birth in the hospital in Perth where she claims.

Could the mystery woman Dee and Andrea both remember from their childhoods have all the answers?

Elsewhere, Paul is having a very dramatic week with good news coming in the form of an engagement to Terese at last.

While this should be a cause for celebration, Roxy, still bitter towards Terese over her breakup with Vance, throws herself at Paul and kisses him.

Terese is furious when she finds out what Roxy has done, and it's time that her bags are packed and she leaves Ramsay Street, but not before she discovers Paul lying unconscious by the lake having been attacked.

Paul is convinced Gary was behind his attack, but Roxy makes a shock claim that she saw who it was at the scene of the crime…

Also this week, sparks fly between Bea and Finn and Amy has a big decision to make.