On Home and Away this week, Dean is shocked to learn that he has a secret half-sister in town.

Mackenzie, the new owner of Salt, reveals the reason she has come to the Bay on Monday's episode when she starts to get to know Dean a bit better – she's his half-sister!

Dean doesn't know how to process this bombshell and tells Ziggy that he wants nothing to do with Mackenzie at all, but she tries to convince him that you need to have family in your life.

Can Ziggy talk him into giving Mackenzie a chance?

Elsewhere, when Robbo and Jasmine's wedding invitations arrive, she becomes spooked by the fact that she has never met his parents and is marrying into a family she knows so little about. She delivers an ultimatum to him that she won't marry him until she is introduced to his parents so they embark on a road trip to bring them all together.

Meanwhile, Tori receives some terrible news; there's a chance she could still miscarry their baby.

Not wanting to ruin Robbo and Jasmine's road trip plans, Tori keeps Robbo in the dark and instead confides in Justin about her worries.

Also this week, Marilyn struggles to adjust to their new living arrangements, Bella moves back in with Colby and Roo puts her foot down with Ryder.