Eileen's curiosity is piqued when it's obvious that Paula recognises Jan. Eileen quizzes Paula in The Rovers, but she makes out that Eileen imagined it. After Eileen confides in Liz, Liz googles Jan and finds some worrying information.

At Number 11, Liz waits until Jan is out to show Eileen the discovery she has made about him.

Elsewhere,  when Kelly tracks Gary down, he drops the bombshell that her dad was actually a loan shark. But he takes it a step further and lies that Rick was busted by the police and has done a runner. Gary heads off, leaving Kelly heartbroken.

Meanwhile,  Sharon tracks Gary down and is not convinced when Gary claims that Rick has gone into hiding abroad. Adam admits to Sarah that he told Imran her suspicions about Gary. Adam, Sarah, Imran and Sharon watch as Gary is taken in by the police for questioning.

Later in the week, Evelyn accuses Larry of doing a botch job of the cafe wiring and trying to fleece Roy. However Roy refuses to back her up, leaving Evelyn frustrated. Later, Evelyn returns home and confirms that she's sorted out Larry the electrician. Roy worries that she's done something foolish.

Also, Chesney shows Gemma his plans to extend Number 5 ahead of the babies' births but Gemma's convinced the house will still be too small.