This week on Home and Away, Tori and Robbo return to the hospital to discuss the baby scan and the  obstetrician tells them some worrying news.

After receiving the news, a stressed-out Robbo does a runner and leaves the hospital.

Elsewhere, after Raffy has another epileptic seizure, Mason is determined to help her and heads out to buy more cannabis.

Leah and Justin follow him to stop him from doing something stupid. Will they be able to stop him before he gets caught by the police again?

Meanwhile, Marilyn, Ryder and Alf force John to face up to the consequences of his absence. While he admits his mistakes, his wife remains unconvinced.

Alf later clashes with John again because he forgets to pay his grandson Ryder for his shifts at the Surf Club. Alf warns John to stop neglecting his wife before he really pushes her away. Will John get the message?

Plus, Bella is neglecting her English studies in favour of hanging out with her friend Ryder, leaving Irene exasperated. Roo tries to help the troubled teen, before Bella makes a mysterious friend online.

Bella starts to share some personal information with this stranger online, can he be trusted?