On Neighbours this week, Andrea and Dee come face-to-face...

Lookalikes Andrea and Dee finally face off this week, on a clifftop no less – which of course spells disaster for one of them after a scuffle breaks out and one of them plunges from the top... But who will be left standing?

The surviving woman goes to find Toadie, so he will either be faced with Andrea pretending to be Dee, or the real Dee... The plot thickens when the cliff fall victim is rescued, ensuring the drama is not going to end here and Toadie is set to be in for quite the week!

Meanwhile, Chloe is guilt-ridden over the role she played in Ebony's secret coming out, so does her best to get things back on track for her and Pierce.

As Ebony grows uncomfortable with the bond between Chloe and Pierce, she confronts Chloe about her true feelings for Pierce, but will Chloe be honest?

Also this week, Paul walks in on David, Aaron, Leo and Roxy talking about a shocking secret, and there's trouble for Gary and Amy.