On Home and Away this week, Mason prepares to go to trial.

Mason's court date has arrived after he was found is possession of marijuana and arrested, and the Morgan family are nervous about the potential jail time he could face as a result.

Tori's letter explaining that Mason was buying the marijuana as part of a CBD trial for Raffy could help his case, but will it be enough to get him off the hook?

Raffy is overcome with guilt at the prospect of her brother going to prison for helping her, and struggles with what that would mean for his future and their family.

The Morgans also have the news that Brody and Simone are leaving Summer Bay to deal with... Before Brody leaves town, he decides he must try to make peace with Ziggy, but when things don't go to plan, Brody warns Dean that their new relationship is doomed.

Elsewhere, Robbo is stunned when Jasmine tells him that she doesn't want to have children – what will this mean for their future?

Also this week, Bella tests Irene's patience, Marilyn has a big decision to make and the bad blood between Justin and Ben continues.