Shirley reckons Kush and Martin should settle their differences in the boxing ring. However, as they're about to do have it out in the middle of the market, two boys rob Martin's money belt.

Kush runs after them and manages to retrieve his belongings which leads to the pair finally making amends.

Elsewhere, things aren't looking good for Stacey and Kat continues to throw jibes. Stacey makes a drastic decision over how to cope with their relationship.  

Honey is concerned when she discovers that she has lost the shop keys. Stacey suggests that she should check the CCTV. Honey asks Adam to assist instead, leading to a close call as he is in bed with Habiba.

Later, Honey tells Billy that she's going to ask Adam to marry her – but will everything change when she receives some interesting news?

Meanwhile, as Max and Ian wait for Rainie to come back, they're surprised as Stuart arrives instead. Jack catches Rainie sneaking into the Brannings' to take back one of Abi's toys, so she goes to extreme lengths to get away.

Back at the café, Stuart tells Ian and Max that Rainie has just gone on a break and will return soon.

Later in the week, Mo resorts to drastic measures to get Kat and Stacey to speak again.