Audrey is still off with Gail after she left her in the hospital. Nick tells her to keep to herself, after David did little to help the situation. Later, Sarah freaks out when she can't find Gail.

Meanwhile, when Robert lands at the hotel with emergency trays of canapes, Michelle and Alya are thankful and Ray is pleased with his initiative. Robert's phone rings non-stop but he kills the call, making out it's a supplier.

Elsewhere, when Michael tells Steve they've got a unicorn party at 1pm, they enlist Craig to keep Tim busy from his lunchtime visit to Tiny. After the unicorn party, Steve and Michael congratulate each other, but they're stunned when they realise Tiny has gone missing. Alya books Ryan to do an afternoon DJ set at Speed Daal.

Later in the week, Nick talks to Audrey alone and promises to put things right. Sarah tells Nick that he may have got Audrey onside but she won't allow herself to be walked on. Sarah explains that due to Nick's brain injury, she's had Adam draw up the paperwork to have him removed as a director of Underworld on the grounds he's not capable. 

Also, Evelyn and Cerberus find themselves barred from Roy's Rolls after Cerberus robs a sausage. Later when Evelyn gives out to him Tyrone likens them to an old married couple.