On Home and Away this week, Colby doesn't know how to deal with Bella's behaviour.

Colby is at his wit's end this week with Bella, worrying that she's going down a dark path just like her father Ross. Colby tries to ground her as punishment for sneaking away in the boot of Dean and Ziggy's car, but it's not long before she's sneaking out to give Dean a hard time about how things with Ziggy – the two share a kiss and have to navigate what that means for their friendship and feelings going forward when they return to the Bay – could upset Willow.

Bella refuses to accept that there might be something real between Dean and Ziggy and loses her temper. When Colby arrives to take her home again, she attacks him, leaving him bleeding and bruised…

Colby goes to Irene for advice, and she offers to have Bella stay with her for a while given her experience dealing with rebellious teenagers over the years. Will Bella's attitude even push Irene to her limits?

On a happier note, Jasmine and Robbo's engagement is back on and news spreads around Summer Bay. When Jasmine hears about Bella, it spurs her on to open up to Robbo about some of her own experiences and he is deeply moved by her honesty – so much so, he doesn't want to wait for the wedding and suggests they do it as soon as possible.

Marilyn and John are at odds over what is best with Jett, with John snapping at her that Jett is hit son and she should stay out of it. Marilyn is hurt by his outburst and makes it clear that she has been dedicated to being Jett's mum since Gina's death, which makes John see sense, though he is still unsure about letting him live alone in the city.

Also this week, Mason and Tori clash over his article, and Justin encourages Brody to look to the future with Simone.