Keanu is moving in with the Mitchells but when Ben continues to create problems, he is desperate to make more money. Keanu pleads with Phil for more work, but he is sent on a job that ends in disaster. Will he ever get a break?

Elsewhere, Kush is worried about the tension between him and Stacey after she declines to make any bargaining about Arthur. As Kush gets emotional over the situation, Kat vows that she has the money to get a solicitor. However, when she goes to get the money for Kush, she discovers that it's gone......

Meanwhile, Habiba is distraught when she hears from Adam. Mariam also reveals that Adam has assisted her to find a compatible partner for Habiba. She is naturally hurt by the interference but does agree that it is time that she moves on. 

Later in the week, Tiffany encourages Keegan to make a huge effort to support Bernadette on her very first Pride. Tina also steps up her game and make Bernadette feel extra loved and happy for the special occasion. 

Also, Iqra gives Adam a stern talking to and threatens to breaks news to Honey if Habiba gets hurt. When Iqra gets a weird text, Adam is clear to state that he's not the only one who is hiding things.