Yasmeen is shocked to discover her jewellery and photos missing and Geoff directs blame at Alya's DJ pals. Alya is stunned and offers to pay Yasmeen back as she goes on the hunt for the people who were in the house.

Geoff explains to Yasmeen that he has put new locks on and is secretly delighted that she is staying frantic. As Alya and Ryan head home they spot Geoff when he goes to make a call and Yasmeen's belongings falls out onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Nick is furious to find out that Leanne is on her own in the flat and Gail and Audrey are out celebrating with birthday drinks. He angrily walks around to David's and an argument kicks off. A freaked out Gail tries to prevent it from escalating. Back at the flat, Nick tries to explain that quite often his brain injury can make him do things he wishes he could be in control of.

Later in the week, Maria is gobsmacked by the saucy responses to her dating ad. As she goes to check her profile, Bethany spies Maria has put 'Netflix and chill' among her interests. Maria is mortified when she discovers what it actually means and demands that the app is deleted immediately.

Also, Steve heads off to Tiny's stables with a rucksack packed with of unicorn paraphernalia.