Ian returns to the Square following a stern talking to from Kathy who's annoyed at him for not communicating about Bobby.

Ben thinks the family should celebrate with a casual bevy at The Vic, but Bobb's aura at the pub causes more upset with Max. Bobby ends up getting support from the least person he thought he would, but it's still all a bit overwhelming for him and he races home.

Elsewhere, Mel goes for a drink with Max, who's finding it very difficult to get her out of his head. However, when Mel sees Jack with Muski – the officer who arrested Hunter – she makes up a reason to leave and makes a questionable call.

Meanwhile, Ian arranges a family meal after realising that he hasn't been supportive enough towards Bobby, while Lexi tells Ben that she's moving back to Newcastle with Lola.

Also, Stacey tells Daniel to leave Jean alone, while Gray struggles to win Mitch over.

Later in the week, Chantelle gives Mitch a talking to after he says no to an offer a kind offer from Gray, while Jean is frustrated at the oncology unit when she finds out that Daniel has taken her book without asking permission. Daniel regrets his bad behaviour when Jean is in a huff and darts off.