Craig does some investigating of his own and discovers that Rick has apparently gone abroad. Adam is concerned by the recent news - is he about to get stuck in the middle?

Meanwhile, Robert tries to convince Vicky that he and Michelle are done, but she mustn't find out about the baby as it would conjure awful memories of losing her own baby. Vicky understand and wants to be empathizes.

Elsewhere, Geoff convinces Yasmeen to relax and take the night off as he wants to have Sally and Tim around for dinner. When Yasmeen says she is going to go wine tasting with Cathy but will be back in time for food, Geoff can't hide his frustration.

Yasmeen apologies to Geoff over her hangover but he makes her feel really bad when saying she said she would go on a walk with him. At Speed Daal, Geoff spills water on Ryan's mixing desk and makes Yasmeen think she did it. As she leaves with the day's earning, she is hauled into a laneway screaming..

Also, Geoff questions Alya's efforts to get Yasmeen to go to work, insisting she should stay at home with him looking after her. Yasmeen proudly calls him her protector.

Later in the week, Steve tells Tim they can put Tiny in a unicorn costume and rent him our for kids' parties. Despite Steve insisting that it is a genius way to make quick money, Tim says it isn't a goer.