On Home and Away this week, Colby's crime could catch up to him when someone threatens to go to the police.

When Bella is discovered by Dean and Ziggy in the back of their car at the rally, Dean calls Colby to come and get the stowaway to take her home. Colby, concerned by her behaviour, sets off to get her, but she won't go without a fight.

As the two argue, Bella threatens to go back on their promise to each other about keeping the details of Ross's death a secret, and she says she is going to turn him in for the crime.

Naturally Colby is alarmed, and he gives her an ultimatum; she can go to the station and tell on him, or they can just go home to Summer Bay together and get on with their lives, but what will she do?

Meanwhile, Dean kisses Ziggy, but as she's still getting over the ending of her marriage, she walks off leaving him to wonder if he's made a huge mistake… But when they work through the awkwardness of the aftermath of the kiss, will sparks fly?

Also this week, Robbo decides to embrace counselling as he wants to do right by Jasmine this time around, and Simone and Brody have a huge decision to make.