On Neighbours this week, Mark and Elly share a surprise kiss.

It looks like things might not be as over as we once thought between Mark and Elly when the two share a moment which is witness by Shaun. Shaun tells Mark that if he still loves Elly that he will leave town and let them be a happy family.

When Elly finds out that the annulment papers haven't been filed yet, she wonders if there is still hope for her and Mark. When they meet up, they kiss and Elly gets her hopes up, but is Mark going to be able to put everything that's happened behind them?

Meanwhile, Toadie's quest to find Dee continues, but Andrea's plan is hit with a road bump when Ian arrives in town and threatens to expose her unless she gives him what he wants.

When Toadie catches Andrea and Ian together, will he catch them out?

Also this week, Terese is still in Paul and Roxy's bad books and tries to make things right with a big gesture...