Phil realises that he acted too hastily by telling the family about Sharon's pregnancy so he warns everyone to keep the news quiet.

However, the truth starts to spread anyway when Linda overhears Ben and Lola talking about it and tells Mick what she knows. Later, Louise can't keep the secret and tells Keanu the truth about Sharon's big news.

Keanu has been kidnapped and finds himself tied up in an empty warehouse. He fears Phil is behind it and desperately looks for an opportunity to escape. Back on the Square, Louise is upset when she can't find Keanu on the day of her scan.

Meanwhile, Tiffany supports Bernadette, who is swapping messages with a girl called Sophia online. Later, Tiffany flirts with Keegan but gets distracted when she sees a group of boys and recognises one of them.

Later in the week, Ben intervenes when he finds Max threatening Bobby. After Max goes, Ben's attempts to help Bobby make matters worse.

Max also corners Kathy, demanding to know why she didn't tell him Bobby was back.

Also, Mo encourages Kush to fix things out before Stacey and Kat's relationship is ruined forever.