Sarah lies to Bethany and says she's going to the Midlands on business but she heads off to meet Adam instead.

Rick appears on the street looking for Gary and Sarah, so suspicious Bethany snaps a picture of him on her phone and shows it to Gary.

Worried about Sarah's safety, Gary encourages Bethany to find Sarah. Puzzled to discover she's at a hotel in Worsley, Gary sets off there, concerned this is evidence that Rick has her.

Elsewhere, Michelle enters the Bistro to find her family hiding behind the bar. As they let out a half-hearted "surprise!", Michelle is confused. A balloon is revealed with the words 'Happy Engagement', but will Michelle agree to walk down the aisle Robert?

Meanwhile, Wayne introduces Roy to Alice Parrott, who reveals that her father, Raymond, had an affair with Sylvia. Alice hands Roy a wad of love letters. Roy is upset as he realises there was a loving side to his mother that he never got to see.

Also, Ken is overjoyed as the photography class begins, while Beth rolls her eyes. Both Aggie and Claudia are fighting for the last word and neither one of them refuses to back down.

Later in the week, Roy reveals he's off to Cumbria for a few days to distribute Sylvia's ashes and visit Carla, while Izzy frets about Jake's future without his dad.