On Neighbours this week, the truth about Terese and Vance's past comes out.

Terese has some explaining to do this week when the truth about her former relationship with Vance gets out.

When Terese finds out that Vance is trying to sell a stolen racehorse, she threatens to call the police, but it's Paul who ends up getting the law involved after Vance steals from Roxy and Leo's new bar.

As the truth comes out, Paul feels betrayed by Terese's dishonesty and worries that there might still be feelings there from before. Can Paul and Terese work things out, and how will Roxy take it?

Elsewhere, Andrea is determined to prove to Toadie that she's a changed woman, and Willow is watching her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't hurt Toadie after everything he's been through.

As she undergoes another hypnotherapy session, will Andrea be able to recall the information they need about Dee?

Also this week, Chloe is embarrassed when Pierce introduces her to his fiancée Ebony, and things get even more awkward for her when the bride-to-be invites her to breakfast...