On Home and Away this week, Mason is arrested by the police.

As Mason continues his secret CBD trial on Raffy, his stock is running low and he sets off to buy more cannabis from his dealer, but things go awry for him when the police pull up behind his car.

Despite his best efforts to hide the drugs, he is caught out and because of how much he is in possession of, he is brought to the station and charged. If he's convicted he could end up serving prison time...

When the truth about the trial comes out, Tori is furious and Raffy blames herself for what has happened. In an effort to defend Mason, she tells Tori that the trial has been helping her.

Later in the week, Robbo wants to help Jasmine to deal with her panic attacks by bringing her to a therapy appointment, but he lets her down by saying he is too busy at work to give her the lift anymore. Jasmine wonders if she was foolish to think that he would be there for her and that she could rely on him.

Also this week, Leah and Justin set the gossip mill turning after sharing a public kiss in the Diner. When Willow finds out about their relationship, will she be ok?